Portrait shot by Aurélie Raidron, 2024, film soaked in the decantation tank of my ceramic studio

Cendre is a non-binary emerging french artist based in Saint-Étienne, France. Self-taught and an ecologist by training, their work is about the invisible, the relationship between humans and living beings. They are invested in various photographic communities : they support the Sustainable Darkroom, are part of the international experimental photography community and engage in their local community darkroom by giving workshops. Their work was exhibited in collective exhibitions during EXP21 and EXP22, the Experimental photographic festival in Barcelona, Spain.

Cendre wants to be part of those who participate in a cultural revolution that reinvents our relationships with the living to offer new imaginations and possibilities. Their creative practice is part of their spirituality which involves collecting and spending time outside. They work with photosensitive material and clay to connect with the environment and produce images or objects. They collaborate with ecosystems by letting them directly impact their work; for instance, by soaking film in rainwater, soil and plants coming from a specific place. Cendre’s research and practice is centered around the environment, photography and materiality.

The Oath


2023 / Professional training in wheel throwing, ceramics, at Grégoire Scalabre workshop, Paris
2019 /  Master degree in cultural mediation, CNAM, Paris
2015 /  Engineering degree, master of science in ecology, Agroparistech, Paris


2023 / Interview for Women Alternative Photography Group, online
2023 /
And still I rise, Sola Journal issue no. 2, March, printed zine
2022 / Aeonian magazine, issue no. 7, July, online


Midnight burns, spazioSERRA, Milan, Italy [upcoming]


/ Ephemeral rituals of audiovisual consumption EXP.22, Experimental photo festival, Barcelona, Spain
/ Azur, Cité des halles, Lyon, France

Keep’n Touch EXP.21 Photo Album, Barcelona, Spain


Les Ruines de ce rêve, Plein phare, Galery Hasy, Bois du Pouliguen, France
Les Ruines de ce rêve, La Nuit de l’année, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France
Les Ruines de ce rêve, Gran Lux, Saint-Étienne, France
Les Ruines de ce rêve, FOTOHAUS, Festival des itinéraires voyageurs, Bordeaux, France

Les Ruines de ce rêve INEDITS 2022, Saint-Étienne, France
Les Ruines de ce rêve, projected at Les Nuits photo festival, Paris


2023 / Mentor prize, selected for Bordeaux and Arles’s sessions, winner of Arle’s session [jury prize]
2022 /
LNP award for photographic movie, in competition Les Ruines de ce rêve [selected]


Climate crisis and non-human photography : creating with the environment, with Ella Morton and Isabelle Gagné, EXP.23, Experimental photo festival, Barcelona, Spain

Land Narratives photo presentation, with Leah Band, Daniel Derdula, Emma Godfrey Pigott, Alex Kryszkiewicz, Anna Lukala, Helena Neeson, Clare Thomas, Rachel Wegh, online


Exploring Soil Chromatography, Cyanosoil and Lumen Prints + Collaborative Cyanotype Short Video, two workshops for EXP23, Experimental photo festival, Barcelona, Spain
/ Échappée photographique, (Re)Discovering the slag heaps,  2-day workshop with the Maison du Patrimoine et des Lettres de Saint-Étienne, France
/ Introduction to film photography, 3-day workshop, first-year students from the engineer school, École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, France
/ Creation and management of Atelier du Geai, a ceramic studio dedicated to wheel throwing in Saint-Étienne, since 2023

/ Creative collage and gender identity, ENIPSE for pride month, Saint-Étienne, France
/ Developping with caffenol-C, an initiation, community darkroom and photo club, Saint-Étienne, France